How To Write An Academic Paper

Writing an academic paper is not as same as writing high school assignments or research where one has to defend his/her facts purely out off emotions. There is a basic structure one has to follow to know how to write an academic paper such as;

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  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Methodology
  • Results and conclusions

Others that might be required are references, citations, table of content and appendices. The title is the most vital part of any academic paper and it has to be clear and comprehensible. Ensure that the title is short and readable. Most instructors may require one to use a catalog to search for titles by keyword.

The abstract is the most important section in the academic paper so ensure you wisely choose the suitable abstract for research papers. The abstract is a summary of your work and it will include effects and conclusion and should not be too long. It is mandatory for the abstract to contain information required by the instructor and it must be formatted.

When writing the introduction make sure that you give a strong history of the research given in the shortest yet explicable manner. Also include a little background on what to expect to find in your research. Introduction can also be used as table of contents in some academic papers so ensure that you introduce all the elements or contents one should expect to read in your paper.

Another important key note is methodology, you have to describe the kind of methods you have used to write in your research. This is important because it enables the reader of your academic paper to easily distinguish the style or techniques you have used. By opting to rely on methodology format in your academic paper there by reducing you work being replicated.

Results are usually facts and figures that conclude your whole research of your academic paper. Your conclusion or results may include pictures, figures, shapes, objects, graphs and tables. But it is best to use tables and graphs for they show clear results of your work but only when you are asked to by your instructor. If instructed make sure you name and number them for clarification.

Conclusion is usually like an abstract whereby you are required to summarize all the points of your academic paper in a very simple but short manner. Ensure the conclusion is of powerful language. Learn to follow the guidelines that you have been given by your instructor in order to give quality work. With a good structure for example the methodology. It is easier for your instructor to identify the type of style you have used in your research paper. A good introduction also compliments your work making the reader able to understand the topic you are referring to. Results wrap up the whole aspect of your academic research paper with quality facts and figures. This makes your work look clean and neat and all information well covered


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