How To Write Argument Research Paper

Before writing an argument research paper, examine the points that you want to put across and also you are required to have a clear knowledge of the concept of argumentation. Most students sometimes do not include the main points of their argument thus failing to produce a good research paper.

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Arguments are everywhere and all you need to do is express and support your points with powerful evidence that no one knows about for a good argument research paper. Here are some guidelines on how to write a good argument research paper.

  • First you need to understand that argument is a thesis statement supported with evidence that support the main idea of the argument. Make a claim, find and exploit evidence of this claim e.g. “Manchester united is better than Chelsea” with evidence such as “Manchester united have won the premier league 19times while Chelsea only 3times.”
  • After making the claim, you need to critique the material that you are presenting in a simple but not obvious manner or statements such as “Abraham Lincoln was an honest president.” This statement is very obvious, so what you are required to do is specify what exactly caused this “honesty.” Ensure you have powerful evidence that you can prove that indeed he was Americas first ever honest president.
  • Thirdly, in an argument research paper one needs to have potent evidence that support all your claims. There is different evidence for every research. It all depends on the instructions given by your instructor. The basis of your argument depends on the strength of your evidence.
  • After carefully constructing the foundation of your argument research paper, ensure that you learn the skill of counterargument. Sometimes when presenting your work to people you meet some other people who do not agree nor support your argument. In order to avoid this make sure you do your research carefully. Ask for assistant to people in order to hear their opinions of your argument.
  • Another important factor in presenting an argument research paper is the persuasion and convincing of the audience. You have to make sure they accept your argument. Audiences are not clairvoyant so ensure you give your claim as per the evidence and it must be clear and correct information.
  • To understand any argument you have to critically read the points that you are addressing or any research. If you indeed choose to use this skill then you will equipped with knowledge on how to present influential yet comprehensible arguments.
  • Finally revise, revise your work and ensure that all the key elements of your argument are correct and that the evidence you have provided is substantial.


When writing an argument research paper ensure that you do not get too emotional attached to the research in order to provide useful information. Argument research papers may be used by anyone who wants to know about theories e.g. when tackling arguments that involve business information that is manipulative one can use accounting research papers to argue his/her claims.



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