How To Write Argumentative Research Papers?

If you are in a university or college,It is most likely that you will be doing a research paper as a subject in  your course. Sometimes lecturers and professors request their students to write argumentative research papers .So if you are asked to write such papers, do you know what they are and how to write them?

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Argumentative research papers are papers that are based on other papers and articles  that have  already  been published. They are therefore based on a research that has already been done. To write this paper you have to gather enough evidence on the topic you want to argue on and present it in a debatable manner. You must also express your position on the issue.


You should choose the topics for argumentative research papers very carefully because they have to be supported by already existing published research. If you choose a topic with little published material to support it , you will find yourself in problem when trying to convince your audience as your arguments  will sound impractical and untrue. In addition the topic should be narrow and specific.


You can search on the internet  to find some examples of argumentative topics for research papers in order to get a clue of what is required. If the examples available do not suit you well , you can buy a custom research paper to save time. This is a paper written by experts   with your specific needs in mind. They are sold by research paper writing outsourcing companies and are available  online. Example papers and custom papers should be used as a guideline only. You should not send them to your college as you own work as this may put you in trouble.


To make your argumentative research papers interesting,you should look for topics which have an element of controversy. This will allow you to have two opposing sides where you will support one side. You must have strong points for the side that you support.


Once you are comfortable with the topic ,you  should move on to writing of the thesis. A thesis  will state what you intent to prove  in the research paper. It should be clear and specific to help you narrow down your topic.


When writing argumentative research papers you must  use passionate language. This will  be useful in  convincing  your audience of your understanding of the topic. You should also give example of some experts who agree with you  in order to substantiate  your  arguments. Providing facts and statistics  to support your argument is a way of strengthening your opinion. It makes your arguments appear convincing to your audience.


When writing argumentative research papers you should also address the arguments  of  those who do not agree with your position. This will work to your advantage as you preempt the the which  points the opposing side has prepared to argue against yours. It helps you  defend yourself  before you are attacked. This  diminishes your opposing side. It also demonstrates how you well understand the topic and  boosts the  trust  your audience will have in you and your opinion.


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