How to write controversial research papers

For anyone looking for ideas for a research paper, controversy is one way to go about. This is because controversial research paper topics cover issues that the readers feel strongly about. The controversial topics could be gay marriage, racism, abortion rights or stem cell research. These are no doubt topics that create contention in the minds of readers. The steps to take are:

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Even though they are controversial research paper topics where as a writer you give your point of view, it is important to back it with evidence. It’s imperative that you combine facts and reasons to persuade the reader rather than emotions. This will require that you do a thorough research using resources such as: Websites, books, magazines, academic or professional journals done by other scholars and researchers to come up with evidence to persuade your reader.

Make the outline

1. Introduction: Controversial research papers topics have to begin with your thesis statement which  one has to defend. It is important to note here that these are controversial issues are sometimes sensitive like racism and terrorism. One has to be careful not to offend the very readers who you intend to persuade to see your point view.

2. Body: This is where you build on your thesis statement and give evidence to substantiate your stand to convince reader to understand why you took that stand. Choose at least three strong points in your controversial research papers topics which you will then explain in different paragraphs to defend your point of view. Make sure you are familiar with the topics and you know the terms commonly used. For example if you are writing on gay marriage research paper you will need to be familiar with terms like homosexuality, lesbianism and bi-sexual. Avoid ambiguity, only present facts you can to appeal to the reader emotionally, logically and ethically while at the same time respecting them.

3. Conclusion: conclude by taking a stand which should be strong, convincing and controversial at the same time. Try to persuade the readers to see your point of view and bring solutions to the questions in their minds. This just to reinforce your thesis and basically just summarizes all that you want the reader to know.

Rough draft

Do a draft and give someone objective to look over for you preferably in the same field you are in and can give you honest constructive criticism.

Final draft

After you have had your academic research paper read by an objective individual make the necessary changes and make sure it’s free of any grammatical mistakes and your ideas qualify as controversial research paper topics.


Controversial research paper topics are not only about writing what you got from your research but also stating your position on the topic. The readers need to be persuaded and convinced by your valid arguments backed by evidence. It is therefore important to have up to date information and live no doubt on the minds of the readers with any ambiguity.





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