How To Write Dissertation Proposals

Dissertation proposals are the entry to the writing stage of your doctorate degree. Small documents have a tendency of taking longer than expected. This is a frustrating time for some students because their proposal keeps getting bounced back again and again. This can prove to be a very demoralizing and frustrating process for the student. These are some of the guidelines that can assist you in writing your proposal.

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Minimize your topic area

There are programs that include this in the process of earning your degree. This should have been done at the topical proposal stage however if you haven’t done this you should. When writing dissertation proposals, it’s important that you narrow down on the subcategory of your field or zone of study. The desired topic area should be small but also take stork that the limited research should be worthy work, there is no need to choose work that will end up undermining your thesis.

Clarity on the proposal

One of the most difficult challenges in dissertation proposals is clarity. If you do not readily communicate what you want your proposal to be about to people who aren’t in your field then the work needs to be reviewed. Keep in constant contact with your adviser, friends and fellow PhD candidates to assist you in with your proposal. Try to write as many different proposals and refer them to your colleagues for review on what is necessary and what needs to be cut out, until you feel comfortable to hand it in.

Get guidelines on your programs proposals

Most institutions have structured guidelines that they would want you to adhere to. Once you have the thesis stated the guidelines will assist in structuring the dissertation proposals. If your institution doesn’t have the mentioned guidelines, you should therefore meet with your advisor regularly to assist you in sketching an outline on what is needed to get the proposals passed.

Start as soon as possible

Students should not delay on starting on their dissertation proposals. Delay is a cripple for creativity. Write down a sentence or two no matter how stale the composition might feel. Often the mind usually tries to connect everything together after a few moments of work. Eventually creativity will flow into the document as you string sentences together. You can then delete, edit and refine the proposal much later once everything comes together.

The need for great focus

Most students tend to shoot for the sky trying to come up with amazing dissertation proposals. These ideas are usually too all-encompassing and too sweeping that they end up completely diluting the proposals. Your proposal is the first step in the journey of a thousand miles; great discipline is needed to get the job done. Concentrate on one idea so that it is manageable. Do not try to reinvent a while when coming up with ideas just remember that simplicity always breeds genius. You must organize your thoughts and if possible get past proposals to guide you on how to write a successful one.


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