Important Trivialities in Your Dissertation Format

Academicians are a ruthless group. They take research so seriously and the only way is to do so if you want or need to be in their good books. Your dissertation format has the following which should not be ignored at all.

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It is tempting to dump all the raw data and peripheral information in the appendix. True, data, figures as well as calculations should be included here. However, most scientists will jump through your work and the details therein, straight to the results. This is the reason why data in the appendix should be well structured.

Grammatical and Spelling Errors

Proofread your work because much as the dissertation format may be correct, mistakes will not be taken kindly. Since spotting your own mistakes can be hard, get another person to go through it. It is vital to the dissertation format that your work be free of grammatical and spelling errors. Spell checkers may miss out some mistakes hence the need to be keen when proofreading. A poorly written dissertation means poor grades, it’s that simple.


Your dissertation format will include graphs towards the end as a way of presenting findings. They should fill a whole page and be numbered. It is by these numbers that the person reading the main body will be able to refer to the specific graphs. Keep your graphs as simple as possible. If this is hard make use of the many computer packages available to you.

Hypothesis Statements

Since scientist are debating on whether to keep the hypothesis statement at the beginning of the dissertation, ensure that this is covered in your abstract and introduction. The reader should know from the outset what you are trying to prove.

Illustrations and Photos

Illustrations simplify findings and have aesthetic appeal too. Use computer software such as Adobe Illustrator because paper and pen will come out as untidy. Photographs should be done using a digital camera. If you scan or photocopy an image, your dissertation will be considered lacking in neatness.


Some departments will give instructions on the preferred dissertation format. Your supervisor will guide you on this. Stick to the one you are provided with. General rules include one font for the whole dissertation, font size 12 and double spacing.

Passive voice

The dissertation format should stick to the passive voice when it comes to language used. This is because it is an academic document. Other publications such as magazines use the active voice. The passive voice brings out more objectivity.


Acknowledgements are written more out of politeness and courtesy. Acknowledging those who helped in your dissertation writing is more than just an obligation. Some companies could have allowed you access to their records, without which your dissertation would have stuck. It is not a speech so keep it at a reasonable length. Some departments insist that it be written in a formal format. Find this out before you start writing.


Since you will present your findings, make sure the dissertation format is correctly done and flows. The panel you present to will want to punch holes into your work. Your research must be thorough and current.


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