Information On Case Study Design

Case studies are used in professional and academic settings as one of the many methods of doing research. When you create a case study design, there are four things that should be considered as the backbone of your entire layout. These are headline, subhead, text and photo. Every single case study is designed differently, so it is up to you to see how creative you can get in making one. The case study should be about a subject and the relevance. Case studies are designed to target a specific small group, a particular population or an individual case. One of the main advantages of case studies are that they can be very detailed compared to other mediums such surveys. If for example one was to do a case study on the high birthrates in Africa, the case study design should be centered on one or two countries and it should concentrate on the economic and social pressures that cause the population explosion.

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A template is necessary as it will assist you through the writing process. This will improve the overall feel of the document and create a sense of consistency. The case study design should present a quick way to wade through the information. It is extremely important that all the data that has been collected is relevant to the subject at hand. Since it’s not like a scientific report in terms of accuracy, it is important to be concise in order to avoid having information that slows down the efficiency of the case study. Create bullet points that will assist you in addressing the study. These will assist you especially if you keep referring to the bullet points when doing the research. The design should deal with four main problems namely what data is relevant, what questions to study, what data to analyze and what data to collect.

A case study design should be made is such a way that the researcher can be passive when collecting their data. The primary role of the researcher is to observe and not to experiment even if the case study is spread across multiple subjects. Each of the cases must be conducted on specific individuals and it can be later cross referenced to get your conclusions. There should be a direct link from the data collected and the findings to the questions that were put when planning the study case design. The beginning of a case study centers on questions while the ending is usually a set of conclusions. This is usually the blue print of most case studies irrelevant of the subject.

Examples of how to go about a case study design are readily available on the World Wide Web. It is necessary that the theoretical conclusions be well articulated in the case study. At the end of the document there should be an area of an executive sign off. This will give the case study more credibility. The format of the font should be the right size and you should also check your grammar.

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