Interesting Business law research paper topics

As a Business student, you may be required to write an academic research paper on business law or commercial law as it is sometimes known during your academic pursuits. Business law is structure of law that regulates business entities both private and public. The hardest part is usually coming up with the best Business law research paper topics as its know to give students sleepless nights. This however should not be the case as there are so many topics and interesting subjects that the student can come up with in business law and they include:

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Intellectual property

This is one of the latest  legal principles to be introduced in legal laws and it continues to evolve every day. Initially it was meant to protect exclusive rights to literary works of authors, discoveries and inventions, work of arts like paintings, music, patent, trade secrets, trademark infringement and copyright laws. Now it includes electronic media, ownership and fair usage where it not only protects ones literary rights from written words but it now includes crafted images on the web pages which can make for a good topic.


Tort law

This could be :accidents at work like slips and falls, air, water, soil and noise pollution to residents or manufacturers failing to protect consumers from harmful substances in their products. All these could be make for business law research paper topics depending on what you are interested in.


Contract law

You can also opt for contract law where you can either discuss the kinds of contracts available for business partners. The effects of breaching a contract e.g. through misinterpretation or fraud can also be a good business law topic. Your research paper will even be more interesting if you use an example of a specific actual case to drive the point home. Just be careful to choose a topic you understand and can write in your own words and not merely regurgitating information you have gathered from your research.


Company law

This has got to do with the formation of companies. One of the business law research topics  a student can take is to write about documents used to give business legal status e.g. Memorandum of association and what happens when one dies or wants out.


Employment law

This topic can be broken down into: workplace safety and standards, fair wages, retirement and pension( labour laws), sexual harassment  or hiring and firing. Employment law is basically about rights of workers/employees, the employers/organization and the trade unions. This is a very good subject for a business law research paper topics because most have gone through employment environment  at one time in their lives either through internship or actual employment.

From the above list its clear that there are very many business law research paper topics to consider. It is advisable to choose an old case when giving examples because that way you are assured of getting enough material. All the factual information that you provide make sure they are correct and relevant enough to support your thesis statements.




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