Is The Voting Process A Choice Or An Obligation?

Before an election is done, there is always a series of activities that obviously ring around the candidate. Though it seems like the voter is the one who benefits from the type of candidate elected at the end of the voting process, the elected carries the biggest share of the cake. From the ambition, through his education and into the budgeting which determines the coverage of the campaign caravan, the candidate ends up laughing all the way, which of course depends on whether they get the particular office. Presidential elections are the most common parties involved in voting process.
This research will therefore focus on the truth behind the voting process. Is it a choice made by the voter or an obligation to helplessly usher in a ‘stranger’ into controlling his life for as long as the term serves?
Background of the study
The fact of most elections is that the outcome is always kind of a predictable one. If this candidate does not get the position, then one in the list will. The fact is that a voting process does not actually give you a chance to vote for the leader of your choice but one who has already been chosen for you. The purpose of this research is to verify why the count goes to 90% of the registered voters taking part in the voting process if they still know that the candidate was not really their ideal selection. Why do the fuss later, if you took part in the voting process?
Objectives of the study
The rules of the game are always obvious and ignored until the girls meet in the salon and gossip hour today is ‘titled the election’. The researcher seeks to find out why voters go through with it if they know the details which are an ironic truth in disguise.
General objective of the research
Would it make a difference if the individual chose their own candidates?
Literature review
Micheal E Picray stated that the voting process if not for everyone but everyone can vote. He clarified that you effectively have no choice but to pick from a list already aligned for you. You can decide to stay at home and watch the queues become shorter by the minute then exclaim at the end that people have spoken agree with the program of the candidate. On the contrary, you can brace yourself for the heat if the sun comes out that day and guard your eyes and forehead.
John F. Kennedy said that people do best what comes naturally. That if your spouse turns out to become a candidate, and then you have to accept the situation. The same applies voters who have to pick from the ready made flavor.

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Research questions
1. If it possible for the individual to choose his own candidate?
2. What limitations are there?
3. What benefits are there?
4. What difference would it make to have a voting process with individual selections?

Scope of the study
The research covers and targets the global public. This is because every country has voting process at some point in time.
Limitations of the study
• Financial limitations
Had there been a larger group or contribution of funds, the researcher would have been able to cover a wider scope of countries that carry out the voting process.
• Time
There was limited time for the research to be carried out to a better quality. Given more time and an opportunity to cover the voting process of a country, the researcher would have been able to gather more information.
Research design
The researcher used personal and public observation to come to the conclusions displayed in this research. An interview was also carried out to gather the views of the general public from various countries on the voting process.
Conclusion and recommendations
The voting process is a voluntary opportunity for everyone to take part in provided they meet the age requirement allowed by the respective country. However, the rich will continue to get richer and less fortunate will remain at their status quo if they are not given a chance to vote for the leaders of their choice. Not necessarily pick them out themselves, but have their needs taken into consideration during the voting process. Without a proper way of selecting the presidential candidates, the citizens will never have justice or a fair share of the blessing.

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