Issues of Connecticut Campaign

The Connecticut general elections are slotted for November 2nd 2010. Among other offices, the results will determine who holds the governor position in the state for the subsequent four years. The last general elections held four years ago in 2006 saw Republican Jodi Rell capture the seat with 63.2% of the votes cast with a 27% margin and has held it for the last four years (Our Campaigns). Although heavily favored to win a second term, Rell has decided to ritire a step seen as having availed a chance for democrats who have never held the seat since 1995. In the coming elections, among the heavy weights include; democratic candidate Mayor Don Malloy, Republican candidate Ambassador Thomas C. Foley, and independent candidate Tom Marsh. The Republican elections were held in August 10th 2010 and saw Thomas Foley beat his closest candidate; Governor Michael Fedele with a 3% margin. In the Democratic primary elections held the same date, Mayor Dan Malloy managed to beat his closest candidate, Ned Lamont with 15% margin (Our Campaigns, 2010). Independent pollster; Rasmussen in their august report indicated that Democrat Dan Malloy has been gaining support leading by 48% as of August 2010 against declining support for Republican Foley which stood at 33% (Rasmussen Report). Further, Dan Malloy enjoys 79% support in his party against 77% backing for Foley in his Republican party. The position for governor has been held by republicans in Connicut for the since 1995.

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