Literature Reviews

text_editLiterature reviews are written to inform readers on the various publications done on the topic under study. This review can be a simple summary, or a detailed account of the publications. These reviews are common in humanities, social sciences, and lab reports. Depending on the instructions, these reviews can be written either as a separate assignment, or as an introduction to academic papers.

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The significance of literature reviews is to provide the writer with a guide to the topic. The writers at AcademicJoint use these reviews as solid background for any investigation conducted on a research paper. Also, the breadth of the review gives credibility to any kind of research conducted by the writer. In writing a good review, you must identify areas of controversy in the literature. In addition, literature reviews should be related to the topic under discussion, and formulate questions that inspire further research.

Good literature reviews should take the form of a discursive prose, not a list of summarized sources. To achieve this, AcademicJoint recommends organizing the review into sections that identify trends. You can get these reviews from us at affordable prices, starting from as low as USD $ 10 per page. Feel free to contact AcademicJoint for more information.