Mary Parker Follett

Mary Parker Follett
Conduct thorough, scholarly research on your assigned historical leader Mary Parker Follett.
Your research is to provide context and meaning to your message.
Write a 2-page memo to the managers at Walmart. Begin the memo with the following: “My advice for managing people today is …” Base your advice on the perspective of your historical leader; and relate this perspective to working in today’s business environment and the issues managers face

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Scholarly research requires you to review professional periodicals and academic journals on assigned topics. Samples of academic journals include Harvard Business Review, Journal of Strategic Management, The Academy of Management Journal, The Academy of Management Review, Organizational Dynamics and Journal of Applied Psychology. You must review multiple articles, draw your conclusion from the research, and apply the research to real world situations. Scholarly research is more than just summarizing an article-it involves critical thinking, applying a theory to application, and connecting concepts together to reach conclusions.

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