McLuhan’s perspective

McLuhan’s perspective
The purpose of this 3-5 page essay is for you to revisit one of your earlier essays, but with the enhanced perspective of McLuhan’s ideas in mind. To do this, you may reuse arguments and evidence from one of your earlier papers, but develop a new thesis statement that answers the question: What do I see about [this text] when I look at it from McLuhan’s perspective?

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In other words, you’ll be using McLuhan’s ideas as a lens through which to view texts we’ve worked with earlier in the quarter. You may also apply his ideas to Gopnik, McCovey and Fowles, and see where they overlap and/or diverge. This is sometimes called “a lens essay.”

One thing that will be important when working with multiple texts is to be sure to keep your voice distinct from that of the texts you’re using. Remember your lessons from the “And Yet” chapter in They Say, I Say, as well as all the other important tools in your tool box from They Say, I Say: saying why it matters, using a naysayer, using voice markers in quotes, and summarizing skills. All of these will be necessary to create a successful paper!

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