Need Thesis Ideas?

If your answer is yes, then read on. Any layman in the streets will tell you to start with something you are passionate about when looking for thesis ideas. Even better, write on something you are already familiar about only adding deeper analysis as well as a rigorous research process.  The thesis idea is later represented as a thesis statement. It can be a sentence or a paragraph, so long as it clearly points out the topic of the study.

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Start off with a general area for example construction students may use architecture for reference. The first thought when you mention architecture is housing. Housing is not limited to residential houses but includes structures such as art galleries, shopping malls, parks, churches among others. In terms of thesis ideas, you may want to write about challenges of current building techniques.

Problems are a great way of generating thesis ideas. Just look around you, read the papers, become more observant during friendly conversations. Such brainstorming can generate interesting results and should not be taken for granted. Sticking to the architecture example mentioned earlier, hearing a friend complain of how the house they moved into has small spaces etc are important for idea generation. It’s not rocket science, just like that and you have something to write about in your thesis.

Scanning through material in your field of study can also provide thesis ideas. Fashion students may get inspired by trends showing in a glossy magazine or research conducted human encroachment of ecosystems found in an old environmental journal.

Pay keen attention to media messages that touch on your field of study. Thesis ideas can be found in plenty on radio, TV, newspapers and even online. For those who are online often, thanks to social media, just scroll down taking note of issues affecting people.

Some of the greatest sources of thesis ideas are one’s lecturers. Your supervisor will be glad to be of service if you seek his help. This is because they are knowledgeable in that area and are aware of existing gaps in research done. This is even more so if you consider the correspondence that goes on in the research world and the fact that lecturers will be up-to-date on latest data.

Consultancy services can also be helpful when searching for thesis ideas. This is because the people who run such services, over time are informed of how to go about this. Dissertation coaches can also be handy. Part of their job description includes helping you find thesis ideas and narrow them down. This does not mean that they will spoon-feed you an idea. They are good at guiding and directing someone on arriving at thesis ideas.

Thesis ideas are like a seed, without them you have no final work to present. Just like seeds, some ideas will need time to germinate before one uses them. This is why it is wise to start of thinking of thesis ideas when you start your masters. It will save you the unnecessary pressure that comes with hurried ideas.



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