Offshore Oil Drilling and the Deepwater Horizon Spill

Never in the history of US oil drilling had, the awful dreadful oil spill occurred except the first one that occurred on 20 April 2010 in the Mexico Gulf. It was one of the worst environmental disasters in the world history as its effects to the ecosystem were huge. The explosion was as result of escaping of uncontrolled hydrocarbons that were caused by an explosion of the oil-drilling machine “Deep water Horizon” (Barry 1). BP Exploration and Production Incorporate from Transocean had leased the facility. The spill lasted for three days covering more than 88,000 square miles. 11people working on the facility succumbed to death while 17 others were injured kick starting the long train of damage the spill was to cause. The spill caused incalculable damage to the fish industries, many marine animal and birds, human race, and affected the economic stability of people lat the Gulf Cost as the number of tourism reduced due to leakage of oil to the beaches.

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