Operation ‘Term Paper’

Any student will attest to the fact that writing up a term paper is far from effortless. Besides the load of research of organization involved, it is also a process of ingenuity and analysis, and must result in a display of resourcefulness and intelligence. This does not however mean that every term paper should be tackled as a Himalaya might. Having mastered the basics of this craft, the academic should not only become used to producing a superior product, but also enthused at the opportunity to discuss and argue out all that he has both learned in class and independently discovered.

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The best term paper succeeds because of their subject matter. Once a student has decided on his topic and approach, all research should be undertaken in the view of supporting it. An important external aid in this process is the simple determination by the student of what he is truly interested in sharing with his potential readers. What strong views does he have on the subject? What does he wish to argue?


The next step is to research your topic thoroughly. What evidence is there to support your argument? What proof is there to the contrary? While text books and library materials are excellent sources of information, there is another wealth of it online, some of it even more recent and relevant to the chosen term paper topic than could be found anywhere else. The best term papers draw from all types of information, from e-books to old academic papers, in order to present a solid argument. It is important to ensure that all research materials used and cited should be duly acknowledged.


Once the topic has been determined, and the myriad of supporting research materials are at his finger tips, it is time to produce a detailed outline of the term paper, which is a project of its own. After this, you should develop an outline of the whole of your paper. The process of setting down a plan for your argument will not only organize the writer’s thoughts, but also focus them on the gist and substance of the question he wishes to answer. Anything irrelevant or leading off topic will be eliminated at this point, as the main arguments are identified, and then supported by researched data.


The term paper outline or plan is the actual project in another form. All that is left to do is to write it up in the simplest, clearest language possible, taking care to link your points smoothly. A strong introduction with draw the reader in, a powerful middle section will keep him enthralled and a confident conclusion should leave him pondering the argument, and possibly wanting to know more. Writing for the reader’s benefit is certainly a point to keep in mind.

A good term paper is never done without having been severally revised and edited. This includes the vital spelling and grammatical checks, as well as the double checking of used referenced and citations, but it also involves several simple, straight read-throughs of the project, to determine its tone. If it sounds good and is easy to understand and, then it probably is!

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