Outline of the Note Research Papers

Doing research papers can be quite stressing. This is due to the fact that there is a lot of information that has to be read, analyzed and determined if it is appropriate for the research paper you are writing. To simplify the analyzing of the data we can use the note card research papers. This is sometimes called the note card system. It helps you organize all the information for a research paper.

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The note card research papers consist of note cards which are blank 3*5 or 5*7. You fill the note card with information on the research subject. Writing on the note card follows a specific outline.

The special outline for the note card research papers is easy to understand and less confusing. The larger the note card research papers the more the information that can be written in it. You can also do color coding to ensure that you can differentiate the different topics.

The format for the note card research papers is in the upper left corner of the card we have the code which is the topic of the paper you are writing. It also includes where in the outline it might fall. In the right upper corner if the note card research papers is the name of the author and the page number. In the body of the card you should only enter a single fact or thought. It should be something that you will include in the paper. Remember to write more than you need so as to be able to compare and contrast the many sources. Through writing a lot of information on the note card research papers you have the ability to narrow down the sources depending on their reliability, accuracy and timeliness.

The note card research papers are written in your own word so as to ensure there is no plagiarism. This is unless we have quoted words. As the note card research papers main objective is to ensure that it saves you time while writing your report you should make sure that the note card research papers is written clearly. You should be exact including punctuation marks, capitalization as included in the source. Make sure the information you have written is accurate before moving on to a different source. Do not use abbreviation or code words in your note card research papers.

The outline you use in your note card research papers should be the same as that which you will use in writing the research paper. Use sure you use this outline on the real paper. Use topical, concluding and transitional sentences to help you link the information on the cards.

Remember to use different type of note card research papers for each different set of source of information. The sources include books, magazines, newspapers, films, as speech and many more others. This will help you as you are referencing your work adding footnotes and endnotes on the research paper.

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