Please Write my Essay

Somewhere on the planet, just a few moments ago, a college student idly murmured: “I really should write my essay…” while getting ready to go out. And it isn’t the library they’ll be headed for. Should you ask even those of his colleagues that are in library, doggedly hitting the books, they would respond that no, they couldn’t blame him for procrastinating the project. Indeed, for every student who hasn’t mastered the skill of essay writing, this frequently requested assignment is tantamount to an assault on the psyche. Fortunately, this is a problem with more than one solution, and one of these is, well –software.

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Before you begin Googling madly to find it, there is no such thing as ‘write my essay’ software. At least, not yet, though it is certainly currently in the works somewhere. There is, however, a ‘Proofread My Essay’ program available on the market, which will not only help a student write his essay, but it will also teach him the skill.


Proofread My Essay and other similar word processing tools teach the writer vital grammatical skills, among other things. There are all kinds of writing, and each type carries its own set of rules. Essay writing rules demand formal, correct English. Producing it in your work may set your essays above the rest. Word processing software solutions do not so much answer the plea ‘Write my essay!’ but rather ‘How do I write my essay?’ They offer guidance to the student that helps him improve his writing skills generally, as well as to develop and define his formal writing style.


The technology works by actually simulating the human thought process. It is effective, because it provides guidance to students by comparing their writing to improved versions of text contained in a vast and dynamic in-built database. In this manner, it produces summary judgments on such things as the student’s usual turn of phrase, habitual expressions and other writing trends and tendencies. All of these identified trends, tendencies and offending quirks will need to be carefully studied by the writer, then either altered or eliminated. Other features typically include punctuation analysis, and an automated spell check. Enough writing practice using these programs will have the student not just ruminating the idea of getting down to work, but rather saying ‘I must write my essay!’ as they proceed.


Mastering the rules of essay writing, in the end, will generally come down to how the student answers five simple questions:


  1. Does my essay make sense?
  2. Is my essay easy to read; is my argument easy to follow?
  3. Are my points clear, and strong enough to make an impact?
  4. Have I remained on course with my argument, and not confused both myself and the reader by going off-topic?
  5. Have I repeated myself severally and unnecessarily?


Still, the despairing yet procrastinating student may not have to wait long, before actual ‘write my essay’ software is made available. Though language processing is an extremely intricate and difficult skill to grasp, let alone build into a computer program, the challenge has ignited the passions of numerous professionals in the world of technology. It is likely that it will continue to develop until, perhaps, in response to innumerable student prayers, the essay as we currently know it is abolished altogether!

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