Points to Remember Whenever You Write a Thesis Statement

When you want to write a thesis statement you need to have a topic in mind. This helps ease and narrow down what works. Once you identify a topic look for an appropriate thesis statement for it. A thesis statement is the main point that runs through your essay writing. It defines the reason why things are the way they are. A thesis may be based either on fantasy or reality. You could use a Disney classic animation or a life experience and still come up with something that works. For Example, The story of Aladdin and the genie is an analogy. This statement may be used as a possible thesis statement. However before you decide brainstorming about its viable use is often necessary.

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When you want to write a thesis statement, support it with examples. Try to be objective as well. This can be through giving both sides of the argument. When seeking to determine the viability examples support and make sure the reader further understands your essay. Keep in mind that simplicity always works. It should be a simple point that you want to prove. For example: The story of Aladdin and the genie is an analogy used in depicting how things come to those who seek. If you are keen enough you will notice that the above mentioned example is further developed to complete the thesis statement.


Always remember that when you write a thesis statement it should be clear and to the point summarizing the main idea. Be careful not to have too many ideas at the same time. This is because the reader will be confused and you will not achieve your main goal. Be specific and explain your points logically. Research helps you craft a well thought out thesis statement. If you do not fully understand the dynamics of the statement you choose it may show that you are beating about the bush. Remember you need to be thorough.


If you lean towards specific thesis, be sure to brainstorm before you settle and write a thesis statement. Don’t forget to ask all possible questions surrounding your statement. This is because it will help you see how viable the thesis statement you have chosen is. It should immediately let the reader know what you are talking about. It should not be placed like this. “This essay will discuss about animation and particularly focus on the story of Aladdin and the genie.” Instead place it as it is. “The story of Aladdin and the genie is an analogy used in depicting how things come to those who seek.”


To help you write a thesis statement that is widely acceptable, brainstorming is highly encouraged. This is not only at the beginning but at all stages of thesis writing. Brainstorming goes hand in hand with research. Finding out all possible dynamics to support your thesis statement gives an objectively written essay. You can further develop a thesis statement to validate it and make it easier for others to understand. Don’t forget to keep it simple.

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