Presenting a Case Study Analysis

Cases studies essentially being detailed records of development within a stated context, their creation of case studies will usually involve a critical analysis of data, or case study analysis. In business, a case study will additionally present tentative solutions to established business problems. The two kinds of case study analysis approach used in this field are Issue cases and Appraisal cases.

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Issue Case Study Analysis:  This type of analysis allows a company’s management to identify a specific problem through a detailed examination of the negative resulting effects surrounding it.


Appraisal Case Study Analysis: This type of analysis is supervisory measure. Once a problem has been identified, and a solution has been found and implemented in order to resolve it, the Appraisal analyses how well the solution is working, or whether it might need adjustment.



Case Study Analysis Steps


There are four main steps in conducting a case study analysis, namely:


  1. An analysis of business operations through the view of the originally developed concept: This answers the general question as to whether the company headed the right way.


  1. The Diagnosis of an identified problem, and its degree: What factors are hindering or slowing down the company’s progress?


  1. The Development of possible solutions to the identified problems


  1. An analytical review of the entire process.



The Role of a Case Study Analysis


Case study analysis allows a company a detailed, objective overview of operations it would not otherwise have. Because they have been thoroughly analyzed, any problems identified are more likely to be resolved successfully and finally. These include marketing strategies and policies regarding changing market conditions.


Cases Study Analysis in Academia

In academia, there are six surefire factors that ensure that a case study analysis will be properly written up.


  • A proper format. A business case study is differently formatted than a medical case study, and so on. Ensuring that you have the correct format for your purpose will also help you in organizing your ideas, and slotting in vital points in the correct places.


  • A full and clearly expressed statement of intention from the writer, as to his objectives.


  • A clearly expressed statement on the intention of the case study. What is the writer seeking to bring attention to? What may future researchers on the subject gain from consulting this analysis?


  •  It is important to have completed your research fully, before you even attempt to begin writing up your study. This is vital for organization purposes, and also to ensure that you literally have all the information you need at your finger tips.


  • Double check all your facts, figures, dates and names. Remember that your study, once completed will itself become a document of reference for others. All reference material should be comprehensively cited and clearly set out.


  • Chunks of text are never attractive, especially in a long document. Wherever practical, insert graphics, charts and/or illustrations of your points, in order to make it even easier for the reader to follow your train or argument, as well as keep him interested.
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