A. Answer the following True or False questions (each worth 2 points)

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1) According to the user-based definition of quality, if the customer is satisfied, the product has good quality..

True ______ False______

2) The advantage of the conformance definition of quality for products is that it is easily quantified.

True ______ False______

3) Control involves gathering data about a process to ensure the process is consistent.
True __ ____ False______

4) Services have more diverse quality attributes than products.

True ______ False______

5) Value stream mapping and Six Sigma are upstream activities in supply chain management.

True _____ False______

6) A services blueprint is a flowchart that isolates customer needs in a process.
True ______ False______
7) A histogram is a picture of a process.

True __ ____ False______

8) In a QFD, every customer requirement must be related to every technical design element of the product.
True __ ____ False____
9) Deming was opposed to setting performance objective.

True ______ False______

10) Check sheets are data-gathering tools that can be used in forming histograms.

True __ ____ False____

B. Please answer the following multiple choice questions (each worth 3 points)):
1) The systems view is associated with which of the following perspectives of quality?

A. engineering perspective
B. operations perspective
C. marketing perspective
D. strategic management perspective
E. financial perspective

2. ________ are simply graphical representations of data in a bar format.
A) Cause-and-effect diagrams
B) Process maps
C) Histograms
D) Scatter plots
E) Pareto charts

3. What is the first step in a process improvement project?

A) creating a control chart
B) developing scatter plots
C) developing a histogram
D) creating a process map
E) setting up a check sheet

4. A benchmarking effort that is limited to studying the purchasing department of another firm is referred to as ________ benchmarking.
A) functional
B) performance
C) process
D) strategic
E) financial

5. ________ is the willingness of the service provider to be helpful and prompt in providing service.
A) Assurance
B) Service reliability
C) Responsiveness
D) Empathy
E) Conformance
6. Which of the following is one of the New 7 Management (N7) tools?

A. process mapping
B. cause and effect diagram
C. histogram
D. check sheet
E. matrix diagram

7. ________ means that all workers are responsible for their own work and perform needed inspections at each stage of the process to maintain process control.
A) Quality at the source
B) In-process management
C) Constancy of purpose
D) Parallel processing
E) Just-in-time approach

8. According to Juran, the language of management is ________.
A) labor
B) quality
C) money
D) performance
E) improvement
9. Value stream mapping involves ________ processes to determine where value is created as well as identifying non-value added processes and steps.

1. Flowcharting
2. Parsing
3. Prioritizing
4. Alternating
5. Improving

10. The Capital Superstore decides to track customer complaints as part of their ongoing customer satisfaction improvement program. After collecting data for two months, their check sheet appears as follows:

Type of Problem Frequency (number of times)
Batteries not included 5
Items damaged when received 5
Literature not included in box 12
Parts missing 18
Unit not working 3
Item received late 7

If they construct a Pareto chart, how many of these categories are required to make up 70 % of all complaints?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
E. 5
C. Please respond to the following 5 questions. Each question is worth 10 points:

1) Organize the following items into the categories of Quality Cost (Prevention, Inspection, Internal Failures and External Failures). Please put items that are not quality cost in a non-quality cost category:
• Calibration of measuring and test equipment
• Customer returns
• Customer needs survey
• Design Review
• Downgrading
• Incoming and source inspection
• In-process and final inspection
• New product release
• Process capability evaluations
• Process reengineering
• Processing customer complaints
• Product design
• Product recalls
• Requirements review
• Product, process or service audits
• Quality education and training
• Quality improvement projects
• Quality improvement team meetings
• Quality planning
• Re-inspection
• Re-testing
• Rework
• Routine maintenance
• Scrap
• Software update
• Software upgrade
• System enhancements
• Supplier capability surveys
• Test of purchased material
• Warranty claims

2) What are some important principles to keep in mind to insure that your benchmarking is efficient, effective, and ethical?


3) How are the product liability issues in services different from those in manufacturing?
Cletus Inc., plans to overhaul the cafeteria menu and has formed a four person team to evaluate alternatives. The team identifies four criteria and their corresponding percentage weights. Option A has ranks as shown in the table below:

Criteria Percentage Weight Option A Rank
Price 0.25 1
Taste 0.30 2
Texture 0.10 2
Nutrition 0.35 3

What is the importance score sum/weighted score for option A?
5) Members of a department were complaining about the copy machine The department manager put a log sheet by the machine and asked the department members to log in their problems. The log sheet at the end of the month is shown below. Use the data to create a Pareto chart.

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