Qualities Of Good Academic Writers

Writing is part and parcel of academics and there is no growth in academics without writing or publishing or written work. The importance of academic writing is seen by the amount of money and time universities invest in academic writers to motivate them write more. They play a crucial role that we cannot do away with in both our educational systems and even in the job market. We will begin by looking at the role of these writers and also study the qualities that distinguish them from other writers.

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The role of academic writers

They play a communication role to those who use their work be it in school or in the job market.

·            They shape opinions and make people take positions on certain issues

·            They provoke or trigger further research through their writing.

·            They answer important questions thorough their research findings

·            They provide guidelines that act as best practice in various professional fields

Difference between academic writers and creative writers

·            Academic writers are mechanical and follow certain rules and principles as opposed to creative writers who write from their own style and talent.

·            Academic writers are procedural and scientific while creative writers think out of the box and are flexible

·            Academic writers like wine get better with age or practice while creative writers abilities are based on talent.

·            Academic writers are made while creative writers are born

Qualities of good academic writers

·            Knows how to write well in good grammar and their writing is free from spelling and other grammatical errors.

·            Good academic writers are good listeners-They listen to a lot of people who directly or indirectly inspire them to good writing. By being a good listener they are able to tell what areas need new articles or academic papers,

·            Honest and reliable-Their work is widely used by fellow writers lectures and students hence thy need to be honest in their work and research.

·            Willing to put in research before embarking on their writing this enables them be up to speed on any changes in the academic scene.

·            Does not condone plagiarism –They should be original in what they write and should never take credit for work that does not belong to them a good academic writer acknowledges other peoples work he may have used.

·            Keeps and meets set deadlines-It is important to keep deadlines to avoid losing money or publishing opportunities.

·            Good academic writers are focused, motivated and driven towards achieving success in their chosen subject matter. They are specific and precise and pay attention to detail in their writing.

Whatever the chosen subject matter academic writers form an important part of writing thanks to them we have journals books and other reference material. To support their crucial role we should give them credit when we use their work. They play a very crucial and important role not only in the education sector but in the professional bodies and various disciplines.


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