Questionnaire SPSS statistics data

Questionnaire SPSS statistics data

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Questionnaire report assignment (2000 words) and list of (10-15 Harvard references)
The questionnaire gathered from the student population were 10 male and 10 female based under 3 different sub-headings e.g. problem-focused coping, emotional-focused coping and less effective coping. Each total score were grouped under their sub-headings.. the questionnaire asks students to indicate what they generally do and feel, when experience stressful event using the respond choice of (1,2,3,4 to mark out the questions given)

The Questionnaire results have been gathered using SPSS statistics data, you have to analyse it and present it in a report format.

What to do for the Report:

• Undertake a very brief literature search on the background to your questionnaire so that you are informed on what you are collecting data on.

• The student sample population is based on 10 males vs. 10 females participants. in total of 20 questionnaire were gathered for the student population sample group.

• Score the questionnaires – some background on the theory to your questionnaire will help here.

• Using SPSS, input your data and carry out the appropriate data analysis that you think is relevant. It is important that you decide on the analysis and only include relevant analysis in the report. Not everything that SPSS produces.

• Writing the report includes:

Very brief introduction method section including subsections of participants, procedure, design, and data analysis results – what they mean and very brief conclusion and Harvard Reference list, appendix.) There is no need to include an abstract,. Keep these brief.

• For the Results section, only report results that are relevant (i.e. raw data is not a result so it can go in an appendix).

• Think about how to put your results across as clearly as possible! – tables, words, figures (do not just include everything!). The statistics are written as a sentence, stating what they show/mean, not just presented as a figure.

• Title and label everything!

• Follow the correct style for tables etc…e.g read journals related to your topic to see how the results are laid out! Follow that!


One reference could be made to Carver, Scheier and Weintraub (1989) interest in how people respond when they confront difficult or stressful events in their lives

Learning Outcomes
Knowledge and Understanding
a) Demonstrate an understanding of a variety of research designs and methodologies.
b) Understand qualitative and quantitative research

Subject – specific Skills
c) Apply the appropriate statistical analysis to data.
d) Demonstrate the ability to gather and analyse data using specific methodologies.
e) Use a range of research methods.

Key Skills
f) Be aware of the strengths and limitations research.
g) Know the difference between descriptive and inferential statistics
h) Know the difference between parametric and non-parametric tests.
i) Communicate complex concepts clearly and accurately.


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