Research On Paper Formatting

Paper formatting is the organization of information in a specific way. These specifications include title, font size, typing font, double spacing, margins and spacing. When given a document to type, you are needed to ensure that you have completed the document as instructed by the instructor.

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Tips on Paper Formatting

When paper formatting you should make sure that you choose a suitable paper size for your work and that the document has a great title that is interesting. The title must be capitalized, bold, underlined and has a great font size in order to have real focus. Bolding and underlining makes the title livelier and catches up the eye. The font size needs to be readable so that the document is attractive.

Use different typing fonts when paper formatting e.g. Times, Times Romans, Times New Roman and Sans serif such as Arial. This allows you to use different ways of writing. You can change your style set to how you want words to appear e.g. black and white, distinctive and formal. Also you can put colors for enlightenment of the text.

You can choose to use page numbers in paper formatting for they are a great way of knowing how many pages your document is.  Also you can choose how you want to align your text e.g. left, center, right and justify. Also you can insert pages, tables, pictures, clip arts, shapes, and chart etc. This can be used only when asked to for they are a great way of expression. And they make the document more appealing and to the reader. In paper formatting you have to make sure that these insertions are close to the text they refer to.

There are various types of margin size in paper formatting that you can use to layout your page e.g. narrow, normal, moderate, wide etc. Use margins in paper formatting for it helps in aligning your text in a specific manner. The text must be typed in lower case or upper case if instructed otherwise by the instructor.

Spacing of words is considered very important in paper formatting. Ensure your words are spaced for easy reading. In paper formatting it is a must to space your text after every sentence, comma, full stop, question and exclamation work. Every start of a sentence must start with a capital letter. Also double space after each paragraph for neatness of your work.


 Paper formatting can be simple depending on the instructions given by carefully presenting high quality of text and grammar and spelling. Follow the instructions your instructor has given you to the core and your work will be accepted. In not doing so may lead to disapproval. Ensure you have followed all these steps i.e. paper formatting makes your work easy to understand. In Paper formatting it is a must to be creative and original in order to avoid plagiarism. Paper formatting is a great way to learn how to write influential documents that are visible and readable.


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