Risk assessment and Population Data

Risk assessment and Population Data
Directions: There are four parts to our Unit 1 assignment. Each section requires an activity and a summary write-up. Your summary should be 1 to 2 pages for each activity. Please make this as professional as possible with a title page and typed double space.
Part 1. Introduction to Individual Data – Risk Assessment
Go to http://www.yourdiseaserisk.wustl.edu/ This webpage document is a simple self-assessment of your disease risk for five different diseases. Just complete the pop-up questionnaire for one of the diseases to assess your risk. Be sure to print off your results to help you write your summary page. What did you discover?
I did the self assessment of Ovarian cancer. My results were low, below are the criteria used to determine my risk.

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Part 2. Introduction to State Population Data
Part 2 helps you get an additional focus on community health. Click onhttp://wonder.cdc.gov. Select a database or choose your own topic and find data on New Jersey. If you feel adventurous, do some of the advanced options. Once you have your data select a printer friendly version or save to email. Be sure andprint-out ( 1 page only) and use it as an attachment for this assignment. CDC is a valuable tool for anyone interested in health status rates for different populations.What did you discover?

Part 3. Introduction to Community Health
Go to the web and search for your local public health department. Write a one pagesummary describing what is available on their website and the services that they provide.

Part 4: Community Violence
Go to the web and find a recent article discussing “Community Violence” and its impact on the health of the individuals affected. It may be the Boston terrorist bombings, Colorado shootings, the Mosque killings or the Newton School massacre. (You might also want to think about this globally. What do the two suicide bombings in Russia mean for the Olympics? ) Does the article mention how the community responded? How do you think the community responded? Be sure to include the citation of your article.

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