Sample Case Study Types

Potential clients usually ask businesses for a sample case study in order to know what the company is capable and how they might solve their needs. A case study is basically how you solved someone’s problem with your solution. Other common names for case studies are case histories, case examples, custom stories, success stories, testimonials, customer profiles and user experience.

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A detailed case study can act as a demo for a company. The marketing department can pick individual cases that appear similar to the problem that the client has. The potential client can then give the decision makers at the company the case study to help them with a better understanding. They can then make an informed decision on what metric that they want to go with. For example if your business and that of a rival competitor are pitching for the same client, your sample case study should explain why your pitch will work better. Case studies are good conversation starters but they are not all inclusive FAQ. This reason alone should you incorporate a sample case study for the sales and marketing department.

Business case studies are not only used in businesses but it is possible to get a sample case study for all discipline. There are both organizational and human resource development case studies that assist students to better comprehend the work environment in the office. Financial analysis case studies teach students how to better approach financial situations such as rationalizing of expenses or cost cutting. A sample case study is an excellent example of how a company solved a certain situation. The descriptions in the case study assist students to build a database of possible solutions to similar problems. Students can get case studies through printed material or through the World Wide Web. Students will be better prepared to tackle difficult situations when they eventually get into the corporate world. The case studies that they would have examined will give them confidence at the work place.

Psychologists also use case studies in order to help the patients solve their problems. Famous psychologist such as Freud was known to use case studies. He wrote multiple books off the data he got from his case studies. Examples of some of these books are Freud and the Rat man, Breuer and Freud, Freud and little Hans.

The advantage of using case studies is that they are extremely detailed and can be used in the future. The demerits of using such case studies is that it cannot be used for different multiple situations. They are also time-consuming to write.

There are even medical case studies. An example is the case studies on diabetes and nutrition. These case studies have information on how diabetes affects the body, the case study can elaborate on the two types of diabetes type I and type II.

The information on these case studies can assist student doctors on the experiments and observations of patients who are struggling with this autoimmune disease. A sample case study on the disease can assist the students to better understand the disease.

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