Search and seizure

Search and seizure

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1. Identify and explain search and seizure? What is the difference between the two? Explain, in detail, one principle of search and one principle of seizure. How might this principle impact criminal justice policy and practice?
2.Evidence-based policing has gained increasing prominence over the last several years. What is it and how has COMPSTAT contributed to the use of this policing technique?
3. Explain foundation of social disorganization, anomie, and strain theories of crime. How is the premise of these theories different than the premise associated with social learning, social bonding, and social control theories?


4.Explain ‘what works’ , the principles of effective intervention and professionalism in light of one of the following: specialized offender populations (mentally ill, substance abusers, sex offenders), reentry programming, halfway houses, or parole violations.


5. Discretion is a pervasive feature of the criminal justice system. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages that stem from allowing authorities a high degree of latitude in making decisions. Provide one example each from policing, courts, and corrections that exemplifies discretion and the advantages/disadvantages that discretion plays in that specific criminal justice arena.

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