Software Design and Development

Software Design and Development
Task 1

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Coleg Llandrillo has asked you to lead a small tutorial session explaining the features of programming languages to other students. As part of this you will produce a presentation which explains the features of common programming languages.

Produce a presentation, including additional supporting notes, which covers the following aspects:
a) Describe the 3 main programming paradigms. You must also include the main advantages of using this type of programming language and its limitations.
b) Describe the main factors which need to be considered when selecting a programming language. Make sure you cover areas such as organisational policy, suitability in terms of available features and tools, availability of trained staff, reliability, development and maintenance costs and expandability. Using the following scenarios, pick a particular language and describe the reasons for choosing this particular language.
a. Creating a student database
b. Creating an object oriented application
c. Creating a windows application
c) Create 3 programs to demonstrate the use of sequence, selection and iteration. Include in your presentation, screen prints of the program working and the code you have written. Explain in your supporting notes how the programs demonstrate the features and discuss the theory of each type of statement.
Thistask is weighted at 30% of the assessment. Word count 1,200
Task 2

Coleg Llandrillo has asked you to lead a teaching session explaining the concept of software design to other students. As part of this you will produce a set of appropriate worksheets and notes in order for the students to learn about design principles, software structures and the development lifecycle. You will also prepare a presentation for the group to discuss that factors that improve the readability of code.

You do not have to actually deliver a presentation if detailed speaker notes are added to the presentation.
a) Produce a set of worksheets and supporting notes to include the following aspects:
b) The principles used in software design and the main software structures used in the development of code, for example, functions, procedures, classes, objects, data abstraction, readability of code and use of predefined code.
c) The software development lifecycle.
d) Produce additional worksheets and notes explaining the importance of software code quality. Make sure factors such as efficiency, reliability, robustness, usability, portability and maintainability are included.
Thistask is weighted at 30% of the assessment. Word count 1,200

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