Strategic Supply Chain Management Report based on the following scenario

Strategic Supply Chain Management Report based on the following scenario

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You are employed as a Management Consultant by a corporate organisation of your choice. You are involved in developing the Supply Chain Strategy, to support your

organisation’s competitive advantage strategy. You have also been involved in the organisations strategic review, which has resulted in a major strategic option being

decided by your organisations board of directors.

For the purpose of this assignment you can choose any scenario you wish, but students are expected to demonstrate an application of strategic decisions. For example

you may decide to relocate the organisations manufacturing or distribution operation; or outsource aspects of the organisations operations, or decide to expand the

organisations competitive presence globally, by market expansion or diversification.

In line with your chosen strategic option, you have been asked to produce a 1500 word strategic management report [in report format], to inform the board of a

recommended strategic supply chain strategy for your organisation. This will include the likely implications and justified research informed recommendations,

concerning your organisations management of the supply chain. You can choose any supply chain strategy you wish, but you will be expected to demonstrate critical

evaluation of the strategic supply chain role, and the implications, this has on the organisations competitiveness.

To support students with this assignment, all 364SAM seminars that are held during February 2014, will be to provide students with continuous feedback.

What is expected from students?

•    For the assignment it is important to demonstrate an in-depth evaluation of the strategic supply chain role, which is aligned to your chosen organisations

competitive advantage strategy.

•    The report is a 1500 word Management report, in accordance with the Coventry University Harvard style of referencing. Use of secondary sources, for which a

minimum of 8 academic [such as Emerald Journals] is advised, to help justify research informed arguments. A brief reference guide has been attached, . However, students are also advised to seek further advice from the University’s academic support services.

•    Students are encouraged to seek Academic support from 364SAM seminar tutors. Further University wide support is available from the centres of academic writing,

mathematics and languages.

Assessment Criteria & Outline Marking Scheme

Critical analysis of chosen organisation’s supply chain strategy    35
Explanation of the alignment to the organisations competitive strategy    25
Justification/rationale, and research informed content    25
Structure, clarity, and presentation of report    15
Total    100


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