Suggestions For Argumentative Research Paper Topics

Argumentative research paper topics are a lot in the internet and if you need help to find a great topic idea you can simply use Google by just typing research topics or argumentative topics. The best argumentative research paper topic ideas are ones that have been generated by your mind. There are a lot of guides on how to find topics that are substantial or have more information for to incorporate in his research paper.

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Here are simple suggestions for argumentative research paper topics

  • Animal testing should be not be done on animals but on criminals.
  • Plastic surgery should be done to women who are disfigured.
  • Personal cars should be abolished from roads to avoid unnecessary traffic jams.
  • Teenage sex should be illegalized to avoid unwanted pregnancies.
  • Child molesters should be hanged or given death sentences.
  • All police firms should be investigated for corruption charges.
  • Pornography should not be sold to teenagers.
  • A school institution should have at least 20 students per class.
  • Birth control pills are harmful and should be removed from pharmacies and chemists.
  • Cell phones should be abolished from school.
  • Access of pornography in cyber should be prohibited.
  • Traffic police should be situated in every road.
  • Immodest dressing should be restricted to reduce cases of rape.
  • Gender equality is necessary when it comes to family court issues, that is, between the mother and father.
  • Drug testing should not be done to drug dealers only but to everyone.
  • Students should pass all their exams in order to qualify for college.
  • The government should ensure that everyone has voted during elections.
  • Minors found breaking the law should not be given harsh punishments.

Avoid using topics that are not sensible such as sports, fashion and entertaining topics e.g.

  • Is Jay Z a real musician
  • Is rapping really singing
  • Supplements for weight loss do not work
  • Street car racing is not a crime
  • God of war is a satanic game
  • Is Valentino a fashion designer
  • Is Oprah a president
  • Is golf a real sport
  • Is Naomi Campbell a model

Also in researching for argumentative research paper topics do not choose topics that have neutral audiences such as;

  • legalization of abortion,
  • immigration of immigrants
  • illegalization of smoking
  • illegalization of pornography
  • illegalization of prostitution

Argumentative research paper topics has helped students submit work that is great and of high quality. It is important to choose a topic that you are interested in for production of high standard research. Avoid topics that will not give any sense or offer challenges that will make your research more difficult.

The down size of using other peoples argumentative research paper topics can be termed as plagiarism since another person or student can choose the same topic as yours. To avoid these complications you can try to draft down topics that interest you then think of how you can argue them out to find a comprehensive topic for your argument research paper.

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