Taking inspiration from Research Title Page Examples

The Title Page for research paper example is a rather straightforward document. The most important thing the student must do, in seeking to produce the perfect title page, is very simply to ask his professor what his preferences are. He should then search for a title page for research paper example and use it as a guide to perfect his own.

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While there are several research college paper styles, most college professors prefer one over the rest, and may directly instruct their students to conform to this style. If not given specific instructions, therefore, the student would be wise to ask for the required style, and if unfamiliar with it, he may then go on to look for a relevant title page for research paper example, in order to get it right, and earn himself a few good points in the process. One of the most popular and most common research paper styles is the APA style, therefore finding an APA title page for research paper example is quite easy. The basic format used in a typical APA title page for research paper example is set out below. APA papers are written in a standard Times New Roman font, at 12 points in size.

The APA Title Page For Research Paper Example

1) The Title: This vital portion should be carefully and literally centered into the page, set half way down the page, and equidistantly from each side. The title should be the full research paper title, and not any abbreviation of the same.

2) The Student’s Personal Details: Depending on the professor’s requirements, these typically include the student’s name, the name of his supervisor, the name of the student’s academic institution, the nature of research paper (thesis, dissertation, term paper etc.) and the date of its submission. These should all follow the Title, towards the bottom of the page, and likewise, be cantered.

3) The Running Head: The Running head is an abbreviated version of the main research paper title, which should be no longer than 50 characters in length. As in the main APA research paper, the Running Head will be fixed at the top left of each page.

4) The Page Number: Like the Running Head, the page number will be included in every page of the APA research paper, including the Title Page, and follows the Running Head by a few paces.

A good title page for research paper example will display the neatness and clarity that speaks favorably in the presentation of a professional paper. The main focus of the title page for research paper example, however is the title itself, and getting that right may be the key to the paper’s initial popularity, at least. A quality title page for research paper example will include a quality title, and studying the formulation of titles in these examples may be a good way for the student to come up with his own. The following five rules may help to determine the effectiveness of a good title page for research paper example:

1) The title page for research paper example takes into account the research paper’s targeted audience. Is it intended for knowledgeable colleagues or the unwitting high-school teen? Is it for the consumption of anyone interested in the subject or fellow researchers? What would attract them to this paper?
2) The title page for research paper example doesn’t use many words. The title is meant to capture the reader’s attention, and this will certainly fail if he feels he has already had a whiff of the student’s ‘wordy’, long-winded writing style!

3) The title page for research paper example uses simple language. Though scientific terms are unavoidable in technical projects, a good research document should be easy to assimilate by most of its readers.

4) The title page for research paper example substitutes lengthy titles for titles with sub-titles. Students shouldn’t be afraid of using sub-titles to clarify their main title. Not only does it look good, but it is effective in making the title more informative.

5) The title page for research paper example is informative. Readers want to know what they are about to be informed about –even books have summaries at the back!

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