Ten Minutes Crash Course In Thesis Paper Writing

You have successfully finished your coursework and you are now required to write your thesis paper. Though you took a specific course on how to write your thesis it does not hurt or do any harm in getting a summary on what the thesis paper is all about.

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Definition and who does it

The thesis paper can be defined as a document submitted as part of the requirements to graduate from your university. I t undertaken by undergraduate students and masters level students while doctorate students present what is known as the dissertation. There are different parameters that are checked on the thesis paper and each university gives this information to its students through their advisors.

Structure of the thesis paper

There three basic parts of the thesis paper which we will look into and see what each contains.

The preliminary documents-This are the initial pages before you get to the body of the paper. They include the following:

  • Abstract page that has the statement of the problem, procedure or methods results and conclusion.
  • Title page that has a summary of your research.
  • Academic  history
  • Dedication and acknowledgement.
  • Table of contents
  • List of illustrations and figures

The paper body-This includes the introduction and your chapters which give all details for your paper.

Back material-This is found at the end of your paper and includes the following

  • Reference material and appendices
  • Notes
  • Glossary

The thesis paper writing process

  • Research- Carry out research on your chosen topic by using several material sources
  • Analysis-once you get your research material you now analyze it and narrow down to what you need.
  • Brainstorm –To come up with the correct and accurate thesis statement
  • Thesis- pick out your thesis statement and formulate your project .This is the foundation of your thesis paper and you should get it right the first time.
  • Come up with your outline- this will guide you in writing the paper.
  • Introduction-this covers the preliminary documents needed
  • Thesis paper body-this includes the entire chapters in your paper and the methodology you will use as well as the questions to be used to carry out the research.
  • Conclusion-this is where you present your findings
  • Citation- use the correct referencing styles according to what your university guidelines stipulates
  • Edit –this is of great importance that you edit and produce presentable work.

Having gone through the above you are now ready to tackle your thesis paper head on and emerge top of your class. You should be in constant consultation with your professor or advisor on each and every step you take during the thesis project. This is to avoid situations where you have done half the project only to realize that you have been doing the wrong thing. Do not get tempted to borrow someone’s thesis paper and present it as your own this will just cause you untold suffering that could lead to expulsion.





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