Term Papers APA-style

 When it comes to term papers, many professors prefer that students use either the American Psychological Association (APA), or the Modern Language Association (MLA) format for writing. Both popular styles were developed by the MLA for ease of use, but as they are not strictly taught, they must be learned. Once mastered, producing a quality APA term paper should become a matter of course.

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The general format of the APA term paper includes:


  • A Title Page including the title, and byline


  • An Abstract Page: A 75 to 100 word overview of the term paper topic should follow the Title page.


  • Headings


  • Visuals: Graphs, charts and other visuals may be useful, interesting tools with which to summarize a point or illustrate a point.


  • An alphabetized List of References


  • Running Headline on every page: The running headline is used in case of publication, and should be present on every page. It consists in a shortened version of the title (less than 50 characters), and should automatically appear at the top left of each page.


  • Page Numbers: All pages should be numbered, including the Title page.


Writing an APA term paper is essentially the same as writing any essay or case study, and follows the following familiar process:


  1. 1.       Selecting the term paper topic;


  1. 2.       Undertaking the necessary research to underline your argument(s); With the APA term paper, it may be wisest to develop the habit, when doing your research, to create a detailed list of the resources that you use. These should include: the author, the title, the publisher, and the date of publication. This should make it easiest in the future, to come back to the same source, if ever necessary.


  1. 3.       Writing out the term paper outline;


  1. 4.       Identify any necessary graphs, charts of other visuals you might use to clarify a complicated point, or simply illustrate it for the benefit of the reader;


  1. 5.       Writing up the first draft; Your draft should be drawn up from your outline, one section at a time to keep the paper consistent and concise. For the APA term paper, use the following specifications:


  • The margins of your document should be 1 inch on every side;
  • Select the Times New Roman font, at 12 points in size;
  • Every line in your document should be double spaced.
  • Every paragraph should be indented
  • Every paragraph should be more than a sentence in length, but less than a page.
  • Every page should contain less than 27 lines of text, excluding the Running Header.


  1. 6.       Add a running head


  1. 7.       Edit, proofread, and revise your APA term paper, looking to remove any bias and off topic paragraphs. Check the flow of your arguments, and how easy it is to read. Run the vital spelling and grammatical checks.


  1. 8.       Create the Title Page: The title should be composed of a maximum of 10-12 words. The title page should also contain the author’s byline, in the following format: First Name, Middle Name and Last Name. Finally, it should cite the academic institution’s name that the APA term paper will be submitted to.


  1. 9.       Add your APA term paper abstract: This should contain the gist and substance of the term paper.


  1. 10.   Order the components of your APA term paper as follows:


  • Title page


  • Abstract page


  • The text


  • References: Each appendix should begin on a separate page, as should the author’s note.


  • Footnotes should be listed together, on an independent page.


  • Tables should be listed together, on an independent page.


  • Any figures and figure captions should be listed together, on an independent page.
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