(500 words)- its for a body of work for creative arts, and i’m stuck on ideas… i was wondering if you could help. Im stuck on two ideas i’d like to further explore in my practice, i’ve been knitting with big knitting needles and thick wool, long rectangle (warm, comforting) different coloured knitting squares and such, green and orange so far, because i wanted to explore the notion of ‘home’ and comfort, but i don’t want home to be a tangiable place, i believe it to be something we carry with us in our memories and our hearts, have a read of the ‘home’ attached doc (i wrote it) and end up making lots and lots of different comforting squares and do something with them all, once done, to get the notion of (or, to focus on felting, the making of felt? which i havent yet explored) and create life sized cocoons? i’m stuck on my topic. i wanted to explore the notion of home and our comfort zone and something along the lines of that which is why i incorporated my mum into the equation and had her start and finish my knitted squares/rectangle shapes.
The other notion i wanted to explore but i’m not sure how to go about it is ‘child brides’ around the world in all these different countries… i wanted to find heaps of stories all over the internet of children who have been sold from ages 5-15 into abusive type marriages/ or marriages in general, but i dont know how i would get that message across with ‘textiles’, again, that would be a really interesting topic to explore but i dont know what medium i would use (felt, wire, maybe glass?) i dont know..

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