The Advantages of buying a Custom Written Essay

Few college faculties, if any, support the practice now gaining popularity with students, to buy a custom written essay at various points in their study. This is because many students, too lazy to do the work, or feeling that their essay writing skills are inadequate, have used online custom essay services to purchase essays that they have then submitted as their own work. This rather underhand practice has allowed students to obtain good grades in their coursework assessments that in reality they have not deserved. Essays are a popular tool for teaching staff across the academic spectrum, because they have proven to be an appropriate method for them to test their students’ grasp of what they are being taught, and demands that they practice clear, concise and intelligent manners in which to express this understanding, in response to a set question. Nevertheless a student who takes the initiative to buy a custom written essay may be using it intelligently, as a study guide, and a tool improve his own skills.

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The difference between the requirements of essay writing at the high school level and those at the college level are quite intense. High school essays are usually narrative essays, wherein the student is asked to tell a story, or descriptive essays, wherein they must use their skills to describe an object or an event. The critical essay is the nearest essay type a high school student will have that resembles a college essay, because it requires more in depth research. To buy a custom written essay or even several types of custom written essay, may therefore bring several advantages to capable students who are battling failing grades due their poor writing skills.


At the college level, students will face essay writing ranging from the narrative and descriptive essays to persuasive, explanatory, and analytical essays, all of which arguments must be supported in great detail with extensive, intricate and time consuming research material.  Further, the college student will face term papers, dissertations, paper reviews, case studies and even the thesis. Essays at the college level will finally also be asked to conform to specific formats, notably the APA and MLA formats which, in themselves, involve a learning process. Adapting to and adopting all of these requirements may mean that the college student will find himself flailing for a solid period of time, before adjusting, which time may cause his academic performance record considerable damage.


A student will do well to buy a custom written essay in order to train himself to produce college level essays within a short period of time. Custom essays purchased from reputable websites are written by qualified staff writers with solid academic backgrounds, who will be well able to produce essay samples that meet college standards and formats. If he proceeds to buy a custom written essay and trains himself to tailor his own efforts to it, the student may find himself well ahead of his classmates. Over and above this, the constant practice will find him improving his personal skills to the point where he will be soon well able to tackle all if his projects head on, and very much independently.


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