The Delicate Work Of Formulating A 9/11 Research Paper

The terrorist attacks of 2001, now familiarly referred to as 9/11, resulted in many changes in governmental foreign policies internationally, but mostly in the United States of America, against which the these attacks were perpetrated. Though it remains a hot and important topic, a 9/11 research paper is a delicate and tricky project for a student to embark upon, not only because of its potential social resonance, but also because of the extent to which his topic may be researched and written about. Not only has the US government implemented national security plans with a new focus on terrorism, which may be one broad 9/11 research paper, but it has also exerted a fresh interest in ongoing world affairs, trends and conflicts, which in themselves may produce a hundred 9/11 research paper topics. The application of new defense and other political policies are yet another aspect of the 9/11 research paper, including their severity and scope, which are excellent food for both thought and analysis, for involved students seeking to identify a ripe 9/11 research paper that they may sink their teeth into.

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The 9/11 research paper, no matter what topic it eventually focuses upon, must broach the many new and reshaped US policies in areas ranging from travel restrictions to migration, trade to tourism, individual privacy, as well as international interference, aid, and military assistance. A few relevant 9/11 research paper topics may be the following:

• New US defense measures: Are they more effective because they are specialized, or are they simply a blanket covering all areas, in an overly and unnecessarily severe manner?

• Anti terrorism as the new anti communism: Is this being treated as the latest all-purpose motivation for the US providing military training, weaponry and aid to foreign nations?

• Should the US rather adopt a non-interference policy towards the rest of the world, and concentrate its efforts on its own people?

Though the new US self-defense measures may be fodder for excellent 9/11 research paper topics, their effects nationally and abroad may yet more fodder. Some international relations experts have voiced that the US shifts in foreign policy since 9/11 have given rise to a range of new problems, themselves material to potentially important 9/11 research papers. These may include the following 9/11 research paper topics:

• Is the blanket term of ‘Anti Terrorism’ being used as a pass-key into unwarranted and corrupt behavior abroad? A 9/11 research paper topic may be centered on the fact that American citizens underwent a period of growing unpopularity internationally, perhaps tempered by the election of President Obama. While the exact cause is unknown, could the US be mistreating foreign nations, in seeking to serve and preserve its own interests? Another 9/11 research paper may ask whether this mistreatment could be causing more furor abroad, reflected in potential further attacks on the country.

• Is the ‘Anti Terrorism’ issue resounding with foreign nations with unexpected positive result of aligning even the most distant governments together with American interests? A 9/11 research paper may examine whether this is paving the way for fresh, healthier yet unheard of alliances?

The 9/11 research paper certainly doesn’t lack in scope or substance. Still, students embarking on the task should remain conscious of the need to end up with a delicately written 9/11 research paper, balanced and well supported by data.

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