The essay is not needed it if the topics are not well kneaded

Media houses always give news highlights before the hour. They not only do this to update you on what they have lined up for you, but to also keep you from watching other stations. The same partly applies to essay topics. They can contain the theme of the author’s handwork, sentences that exclaim the writers point at first glance or questions that lead the reader on a hunt for answers. When choosing your essay topics, one should consider the message you want to put across and the point of view that you want the reader to get it. You should therefore write outside the box and think like a thousand readers with different perspectives and bring them to the particular point.

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Get it now? Well here are some examples to broaden your understanding. Take some notes, then later on try them out and see how well you get. You will not have to go to a communication course. This article is free of charge, use it while it lasts. It will save you from getting that bright idea of writing a heading based on hair products but you end up writing about your hair. The examples below outline a few topics from newspapers and magazines. You bet you can learn a thing or two from the experts

Common Essay topics are categorized into:


As a skilled writer, you will focus both yours and the reader’s attention on the issues that affect politics. It can range from presidential elections, the benefits of a certain member or parliament or senator to the country or various international relations to the country. For example, ‘ A black president for a white nation: President Obama rulesAmerica!’

The best on the Entertainment scene

The most common essay topics under the entertainment umbrella spread to describing popular musicians, exploring a movie star’s personal life, describing the efforts of making a reality show that is behind the scenes. The topic should be able to capture the attention of a teenager just perusing through the magazine

‘Michelle Obama’s Fashion and glamour’ and ‘Royalty and beauty’

Women, young ladies and men seeking to impress their girlfriends should be able to search through your content below these headings. The body should therefore focus on either attracting admirers of the Queen of England or American First Lady. On the contrary it is a topic that also gives way to examples of supporting paragraphs that discriminate an outfit her designer chose on a particular event.

When choosing a title, you may want consider the target readers you want for your articles in form of age, gender, social class, public or private sector. For instance you would not expect a sales agent at a car showroom to focus his attention on an article with essay topics defining the life of a cook. Therefore, the essay topics should be interesting enough to make your grammar tutor pull your book from below the pile.

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