Research is a common terminology that any young person of college going at tertiary level or undergraduate level encounters. It is important to emphasize the importance of APA style for research papers.

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The terminology APA stands for American Psychological Association and it is mainly used to write an abstract or a research paper to be published for public consumption. Herein are a few tips that the youth need to note when making their presentations; the paper is required to have the ‘title page’, abstract, a review of the literature, the main body of the report and finally references as well as bibliography.  For the paper to appear comprehensive, the youth should also be reminded to use illustrate tables to qualify and quantify their work. When one is making a presentation using the APA style for research papers, it is important to follow the proper procedure of writing; that is quote citations from various locations, use footnotes and bibliography where necessary. When making such a presentation, it is also essential to acknowledge the citation area since that is procedural. Another useful tip that is valuable for the success of this presentation is adopting the standard writing font of ‘Times New Roman’ – font size 12 preferably. Headings should be made in either capital letters, bold or underlined to make them stand out. It is also commendable that in a case where there are more than six authors, then the first author’s surname followed by ‘et al’ be used otherwise it will be cumbersome if all the names had to be included in the document.

APA style for research papers has been adopted by many researchers, both young and old from all walks of life be it in engineering, medicine, social science, nursing, accounting, to mention just a few. This style has proved to be a very effective way of communicating to the members of the public. APA style for research papers has had a positive impact towards the youth at large in that it prepares them to adopt other styles of writing with very little effort.

The youth are also encouraged to research thoroughly before making their presentation so that they are appealing to the lecturer and eventually if published to the readers at large. With the introduction of modern technology, the youth are encouraged to use the different SEO methods that are available; including Google, Bing, Yahoo to mention a few. The splendor of learning for youth in the 21st century unlike some time back is that the workload has really been simplified; hence usage of books for reference has been minimized tremendously regarding APA style for research papers. From the look of things, publishing houses at this rate will have to bear the burden of not thriving in this industry.

Finally, as far as the youth are concerned, they need to be encouraged to ensure that before making any presentation to the lecturer or examiner, there is need for them to perform their tasks meticulously in order to make APA style for research papers effective. This will not only make it easy for the examiner or lecturer but to the student as well since a lot of time and resources shall be saved in a situation where they are expected to re-write their papers if need be.

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