The Introduction and Cover of a Book of Poems Custom Essay

Purpose: You are the editor of a book of poems. You’ll choose the cover art and write the introduction to the book. The book will have the same title as the poem you choose from the list below. Your introduction to the book will explain a meaning that you find in that poem and explain why you choose this particular work of art to be its cover.
Choose your art from the Tate Museum website: HYPERLINK ""
My Father Teaches Me to Dream
You want to know what work is?
I’ll tell you what work is:
Work is work.
You get up. You get on the bus.
You don’t look from side to side.
You keep your eyes straight ahead.
That way nobody bothers you—see?
You get off the bus. You work all day.
You get back on the bus at night. Same thing.
You go to sleep. You get up.
You do the same thing again.
Nothing more. Nothing less.
There’s no handouts in this life.
All this other stuff you’re looking for—
it ain’t there.
Work is work.
Audience: 1) Your boss at the publishing company; 2) The people who you hope will buy the book and 3) your fellow classmates and teacher
How to write a good essay:
1. Your job is to tell us something new. Examine the poem carefully to find the things no one else noticed. Choose your artwork carefully. Look for connections to the poem that are not obvious but are important.
2. Think about what your audience wants. Your boss wants to sell books. What will make the potential readers of this book want to buy it?
2. Don’t do research. Any essay that contains unauthorized material from the internet will receive a grade of 0.
3. Get a good thesis. A thesis is the main point that you intend to prove in the essay. A good thesis for this essay will state the meaning you find in the poem and the reason that you chose your work of art to illustrate it
4. Plan your essay. In your presentation you’ll tell us your thesis, the main points you’ll make to prove your thesis, the evidence from the poem and art you’ll use to prove those points, and the order in which you’ll prove those points. What’s the most effective way to present your ideas?
5. Use PIE paragraphs. In a PIE paragraph you state the main point that you intend to prove in the paragraph in the first sentence. Then you offer lots of evidence for that point, and you explain how the evidence proves that point.
6. You must show how details of the art and quotes from the poem are evidence for your ideas. Make sure that you introduce quotes and punctuate and cite them correctly.
7. Make use of The Writing Center and Writing Skills Improvement. They can help. See “Course Policies” in D2L for information on them, or email me for information.
8. Use Standard Written English. Grades will be lowered by one letter grade on papers with many grammar or mechanical errors per page. Essays that are hard to understand because the grammar is so poor will receive a failing grade.

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