The Landmark of Herodotus & Thucydides

Write an essay including forms (introduction with thesis, body with citations, conclusion) with 10-pt, Time new roman FONT and  margins. Single space with standard character spacing.

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1-)Religion, as seen through the authors mention of gods, oracles, fortune, signs & omens, is clearly an important part of Greek culture. Compare the authors treatment of religion & discuss your view on the importance that the two authors ascribe to religion.
2-)Woman play substantive roles in Herodotus history. Discuss the contribution women are shown to make and argue how you feel Herodotus feels about the place of women in society.

Herodotus. The Landmark Herodotus. New York 2009.
Thucydides. The Landmark Thucydides. Free Press 1998.

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