The Process of Writing a Good Case Study

In the field of commerce, case studies are particularly important research tools. Data retrieved on past similar cases may be used both to generate ‘lessons learned’ and extract successful principles, both of which are usually vital for superior and effective business planning. If you are embarking on writing a case study, your primordial requirements will be an extensive knowledge of your field, and an equally extensive bank of information databases from which you can draw. Armed with these, it will be only a matter of time before you know exactly how to write a case study.

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How to Write a Case Study –the Research


In a business case study, research is typically focused on a single company or company entity, whose every aspect will be examined minutely. Of particular interest will be those aspects affecting the company’s performance, the development and improvement of this performance, how it weathered any crisis, and other such vital reference points.


How to Write a Case Study –the Analysis


As a business case study is usually primarily concerned with the factors that made it successful, a cause-and-effect analysis will be an important portion of the document. This will evaluate all the possible factors that have helped to make the company profitable, from external factors such as location and the economic climate of the targeted period of growth; to the internal factors such as human resources policies the company endorsed, or the company’s structure in itself. An analysis will further be able to show where the company might have capitalized on opportunities but missed them, or where the company created an opportunity from an area with minimal potential, and developed it successfully. In order to get all of this information, the case study writer may want to take advantage on online resources, which are increasingly useful, due to their availability and relevance.


How to Write a Case Study –the Report


Following your research and analysis, you should write up a complete report of your findings. This report is what will be presented to your colleagues and other interested readers, and so it must be painstakingly done. Starting with a statement on the significance of your case study, expose every significant fact that you have found, conclusions you might have come to, ‘lessons learned’ and principles that you may have extracted, each one supported by the data you have researched.


How to Write a Case Study in Academia


Case studies are a popular method of both study and exam in the fields of academia, particularly at the more advanced levels. Whether descriptive, exploratory, or presented in the form of a thesis, they are certainly an excellent indication of a student’s level of understanding in his field of interest, as well as his passion and commitment. Academic case studies tend either to be a descriptive analysis, or else a testing of hypotheses. A student who shows that he knows how to write a case study is able to display an intelligent, inquisitive and analytical mind, as well as excellent writing skills.

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