The Qualities of Great Titles for Research Papers

The titles for research papers are what determine their initial success and popularity. Without them attracting the interest of the reader, there is little chance that he will proceed further, and attempt to read the entire document, no matter how good it is.

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Titles for research papers are a research project in themselves, as they need to accomplish several things, and within the span of a glance. Titles for research papers must speak to their intended audience, in their tone, thereby attracting the reader. Titles for research papers that are intended for young adults may read “The Stronger Sex? Women are forming the backbone of American society.” Titles for research papers intended for expert physicists, however, will probably read differently! In any event, titles for research papers should be short, rather than long-winded, and students are well advised to use sub-titles, where necessary, to further clarify their main title.

Titles for research papers must inform the reader they have attracted. While the reader’s eye may have been caught by the word ‘sex’ as in the above example, he must be further informed of what journey he is embarking on, whereupon he may make up his mind as to whether to continue. If the title he finally reads is “I think Sex should be banned,” he may quickly find something better to read. This might be a shame, if he worked in the advertising industry, for example, and the actual research paper topic dealt with the positive impact of banning the sex trade on the Internet. On the other hand, titles for research papers must not be misleading to the reader. A student should not use titles for research papers referring to titillating subjects such as the effects of banning private gun possession, when their research actually deals with the magic flexibility of frogs’ legs and is implications for progress in the prosthetics industry.

Good titles for research papers should have the following qualities:

• Specificity: Titles for research papers must be very clear and informative, so as to allow the reader to know exactly what he is going to be informed about. There is much skill involved in marrying the two, as titles for research papers also have be as short and attractive as possible. The use of concise and powerful words, as well as good punctuation may help in this.

• Purpose: The only reason for research papers is the importance of the research material contained within. When choosing titles for research papers, students should remember their journey of discovery of the subject they’ve been so passionate as to write about. Titles for research papers should reflect this passion, and stimulate the reader into delving more deeply into the subject.

• Impact: The best titles for research papers not only arrest the reader’s interest, but also immediately get them thinking about the implications of the research papers that follow them. This is why research topics are important. They must be relevant, and packed with their possible ramifications. Titles for research papers must reflect the importance of the research paper.

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