Things To Avoid When Writing Academic Research Papers

Academic research papers are usually published in academic journals and they contain research results and review of existing results. But before anyone can embark on the process of writing the academic research papers there are certain rules that are supposed to be followed to avoid making mistakes that may compromise the quality of your academic papers.

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First thing to do is to come up with a topic after thorough research and deep understanding of what you want to put in your academic research paper. This is because academic research papers with irrelevant information that has not been substantiated will result to immediate disqualification by the tutor who is supposed to monitor the progress. Some academic research papers especially in the scientific field will require the writer to stand before a panel to defend their stand. Imagine how hard it will be to the writer who doesn’t know what he or she is talking about.

After the tutor has given the writer a go ahead it is important to know the structure the academic research paper is supposed to take. This is because academic research papers are assigned certain structures they are supposed to follow namely Harvard, APAS, MLA and Chicago citations. It is therefore important to avoid undermining your tutor as he will be instrumental in helping you come up with a great academic paper, seeing as the tutor is experienced and has been there before you. So whatever structure that he recommends should be followed to the letter. This will help the writer structure his thoughts that will allow flow of information throughout the academic research paper.

The body of academic research papers is supposed to have well thought out ideas which flow throughout the paper. It is therefore important to refrain from over explaining or enumerating ad infinitum as this will lead to your academic paper being long and boring. The more you explain the more you are likely to get out of topic or repeat your thoughts which will confuse the audience you want to connect with. Academic research papers are therefore supposed be brief and to the point in order to capture the audience’s attention.

Academic research papers are supposed to be free of simple grammatical errors. This is because it will compromise your chances of getting published as people won’t take your work seriously. The writer will appear as being shoddy and careless for not paying attention to detail. This also includes the use of too rhetorical questions, metaphors and the exaggeration of facts. The writer should stay in topic and be relevant when writing their academic research paper.

The contents of academic research papers are required to be verified information that are factual, up to date and correct. Te writer is allowed to get inspiration from other sources in coming up with a topic. However, when it comes to putting your thoughts down, it is crucial that it be in your own words. Academic research papers should never at any given time copied from another persons work, plagiarism is frowned upon. The only time academic research papers can have other writers’ work is when they are being quote and their input recognized. When a writer avoids these simple mistakes he or she will be in the path to writing a good academic research paper.

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