Tips On Writing Thesis Statements

The thesis statement can be described as the foundation of your thesis paper. The same way when you have a poor or weak foundation your house is bound to collapse is the same way a poorly written thesis will collapse your paper. How then do you ensure that you write a strong clear thesis statement that will support your thesis statement and propel it to greater heights? Below are tips on areas you should concentrate on to get a perfect thesis paper. The key however is not to follow the crowd but to seek the counsel of your advisor as well as follow your universities guidelines to the letter.

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  • The thesis statement should reflect the kind of paper you are writing. There three kinds of thesis papers that need a thesis statement and they are: Argumentative that seeks to define the subject, Analytical that seeks to clearly provide a certain message, Explanatory that seeks to explain a certain issues. Your thesis statement should clearly bring this out.
  • The thesis statement should be on a subject that you know very well and are able to research well upon without getting bored in the middle of the project. Having a topic you are well versed in ensures you can deliver on quality and on the set deadline.
  • When writing thesis statements placement is important and should come in the initial pages of your paper since it acts as a guide and the basis of your paper.
  • When writing thesis statements ensure that when one reads the statement it can reach and conclude when read on its own.
  • Your thesis statement should be current-though you will research on past writings your statement should be what could currently attract the attention of scholars.
  • When writing thesis statements you should ensure your statement is specific and helpful not only to your reader but to your research paper since it forms the foundation of your paper.
  • When writing thesis statements you should ensure it is specific and a summary of your entire thesis paper.
  • The most important part of writing your thesis statement is ensuring you are aligned to your universities requirements as well as your advisors expectation. More often than not students seek opinions of outsiders to write their thesis statement which ends up in wasted time. It is important to consult your advisor and follow your universities guidelines to avoid disappointment.
  • At all cost avoid plagiarism this is the worst and gravest mistake you can make while writing thesis statements. This has very serious consequences and could lead to your expulsion or discontinuation. In some states if you present someone’s work as your own you could be imprisoned. Hence this should be a no go zone for all writing their thesis papers.

Having gone through these tips it is very important to make sure you follow the laid down procedures and requirements in writing thesis statement. It is not a hard process or impossible task but a task that needs commitments and diligence to successfully carry out.



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