Tracking and Optimizing Your Sites

Tracking and Optimizing Your Sites

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Building and maintaining a Web site costs time and money. If traffic is not being driven to it, then it can be considered unsuccessful.

Part 1: Making a Site Work

You will find a number of free resources on this search engine tool, including the Keyword Tool Box and its “wonder wheel” that shows users related searches. The wonder wheel appears in the left column after search results appear.
This project will apply the concepts that you research to a Web page devoted to an event. You may use a real local event that has or will take place, or a fictional one of your own creation. Do not use a major event that already has a media campaign tied to it. This event will reappear in a number of assignments in the class and culminate with a final plan in Unit 5.

Respond to the following:

Describe all pertinent information about the event
Define key words that will be used in the text.
Devise metatags and title tags to improve searches.
What sorts of outbound links will be used?
This section of the paper should be 2 pages in length and use research from professional and college-level resources.

Part 2: Design

Follow this link to review a “heat map” that explains the success of ads by their placement on a page: Research a layout for the site and respond to the following:

What categories of content need to be included?
Where will ads be placed?
What organizations will buy ads or sponsor the event?
NOTE: These groups should be real.
Create a layout design for your site. Explain why the content is placed in the manner selected.

This section of the paper should be 2 pages in length and use research from professional and college-level resources.

Part 3: Messaging

A call to action needs to be strong but not overwhelming on the page. Using compelling language to move a visitor to act is the most powerful tool in the marketer’s arsenal.

Referring to the layout in part 2, create copy for the site.

You will employ SEO writing techniques. At least 2 sets of key phrases will be optimized in the text at a 4–12% density each. Writing compelling copy that integrates key words is a coveted skill in today’s marketplace.
Specify the key words and their density (%) in the total number of words in the copy.
This section of the paper should be 1 page (350–500 words) in length.

Your assignment should contain a cover page, an abstract page, and a reference page in addition to the body. The body of the paper should be 5 pages in length, starting with a brief, 1-paragraph introduction and ending with a short conclusion. The entire submission will be 7 pages in length.

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