Turning The College Admission Essay Dread Into A Walk In The Park

You have graduated from high school and you are very excited to have come this far. It is now time to join college and you have to write your college admission essay and you feel like someone has just passed the death sentence on you. Well the essay need not be a death sentence or something that dampens your spirit. This is a time and an opportunity to prove yourself worthy of joining the college of your dreams. It is this with this in mind that this article is written to guide you through writing a great essay. We will look at tips that will help you write the best essay and assure you of a place at your college of choice.

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Tips in how to write a great college admission essay

  • Understand and answer the essay question-Most college admission essay is based on a question. It is common to come across a good question and forget to go through and understand the question. Take time to read the question once or twice reflect on it and understand it before you embark on answering.
  • Be original and be yourself-do not get tempted to use somebody else’s work as your own rather be yourself. It’s good to believe in yourself and in your abilities and this can be achieved by doing prior research. The admission officer need to know you and this is brought out best by presentation of your best work ever.
  • Give a first lasting impression-The introduction is your one and only chance to make a lasting impression that makes or breaks the deal. The introduction is the first part that the admission officer gets to interact with you. You need to write a powerful introduction to your college admission essay to keep the reader glued which in turn gives you positive results.
  • Your body should be aligned to your introduction. Having made an impression in your introduction you need to keep the interest gained to the end of the essay. This can be achieved by writing down on how you plan your essay to flow.
  • The college admission essay is limiting so you have to revise well and be ready to give the best summary in the shortest or least number of words possible. There is a variance in the number of words required but either way ensure you are prepared to give your best in the number of words required.
  • Edit and proofread your work-This is the most important part of writing your essay it gives information on how much you pay attention to detail on the quality of work you present. Proofread your work for grammatical errors or any other kind of errors you may have. You can also seek assistance on editing your work.

The college admission essay can be described as your ticket to higher education hence it should be treated with great attention to ensure you do a good job.




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