Types of Admission Essay Topics

Admission essay writing is writing for the purpose of expressing oneself to the admission board. What is important is not only knowing how to write a good essay but also choosing a topic that will be interesting and present you as a viable candidate. The student is usually given a range of topics to choose from and is often used to assess the student’s capacity to creatively express themselves.

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Admission essay topics are diverse. Therefore, for you to write an effective admission essay you need to know what topics to choose. That’s why it is important to do adequate research on different essay topics and narrow down to one essay topic that may be appropriate to write about. Generally these types of essays require a student to explain their reason for applying and how they will benefit as well as contribute to the wellbeing of the school.


Types of admission essay topics


  • Personality- admission essay topics that require a student to give the admission board an idea about who they are as individuals will request them to write a personality essay. Here the student should give both his strengths and weaknesses and explains how they would work towards improving their strengths and working to overcome your weakness. Do not be afraid to state your weakness everyone has them. You could alternatively opt to focus on your strongest characteristics and how you use it to help others.
  • Personal obstacle-This type of essay seeks to show how a student overcomes a challenge. It brings out a students objectivity and perspective of how they generally view things.
  • Personal achievement- This essay depicts one of many popular admission essay topics that seeks to describe a life changing event and the impact it had in your life.
  • Future plans- Admission essay topics that require future plans often seek to address the question why. This is because the writer explains a topic like a career they would like to pursue and gives supporting evidence of why they are inclined towards that particular career.


 Essay topics to avoid

  • Controversial social topics-admission essay topics that should be avoided are those may be controversial socially. This is because the students has no prior knowledge on the colleges stand on the topic and may rub some people the wrong way. Such topics may include Abortion or sexuality.


  • Personal tragedies- This type of admission essay topic is very personal. A lot of people make the mistake of focusing on the event rather than the impact it had on the student.
  • Travel experiences abroad- Travel experiences abroad can be interesting to write. However it is not recommended admission essay topic. They can however be considered for a coursework during a much later stage.


There are many admission essay topics to choose from. Make sure before you settle on one particular topic that you extensively research and try to find out what is required to effectively execute that particular topic. In addition find out whether you have enough material to write a comprehensive, objective and captivating essay.



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