Types of Sample case Study Questions

Scour the internet and it will not be long before you find different types of sample case study questions. The questions must be se in such a way that it has a puzzle that must be solved. They are categorized into four main kinds mainly:

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Estimation Questions

This type of sample case study questions usually require the person answering them to think quickly with limited knowledge to the problem questioned some of the examples include:

  • How many people die in South Africa every year?
  • How many laptops will be sold in 2013?
  • How many buses are registered in South Africa?
  • How many kinds of races are there in the world?
  • How many planes go through Heathrow Airport every month?
  • What is the population of the world today?
  • How old was Bob Marley when he died?
  • What music does the president listen to?
  • What are in the contents of a coca cola soda?

Theoretical or Actual Questions

  • An example of this kind of sample case study questions requires the tested to know actual solution issues to the client problems. Some of the questions that the case study could have are:
  • A certain business wants to start a casino in Las Vegas, this area being already populated with this kind of businesses what is your advice?
  • A company’s revenue has significantly increased over the same period of the previous year, why is the business is still operating at a loss?
  • A reputable company is having a massive public relations nightmare since the oil spill. What is your solution?
  • A lead animation company wants to subcontract its smaller jobs to other companies as deals with a larger franchise. Which company would you suggest to take over the smaller animation jobs?

Brain Teaser Questions

Other Sample case study questions of this type usually require you to flex your brain muscles to answer them. There are usually no wrong or right answers or sometimes there just isn’t an answer. They border on grey areas and how they are answered. One person can answer correctly and another person can give a completely different answer and still be correct. Here are some examples of these tricky questions:

  • Why is the earth round?
  • How is it possible to know where the rainbow ends?
  • Why does science version of primary colors and that of art differ?
  • How strong should you be to be able to carry 14 stones man up a hill?
  • What is the circumference of water pipes?

Graphic Interpretation Questions

Sample case study questions of this type contain data in the form of spread sheets, pie charts and graphs. You basically interpret data in form of a chart or graph.

These are just the categories that a sample case study questions document could contain. They vary from client to client based on their needs. Google company case study questions in order to get to find exact examples of what you need to know. Once you get the document you will be able to easily know what the document requires of you and how you should respond accordingly.

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