Useful Marketing Case Study

Every company will try to employ a tried and successful marketing case study in order to encourage patronage to their products hence increasing the demand for their goods and services. Most customers would want to see how successful your product is before they spend their own money to purchase your goods or services. This type of marketing case study is known as a customer success case study. The company uses a customer success story that is usually about two pages in length that is used to support publicity and sales efforts.

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With the economy being as shaky at is important for many businesses to employ a helpful marketing case study. Companies that want to reposition themselves could use the marketing case study of Skoda. In 2000 the car product that was once a failure in the UK ended up increasing its sales by up to 24% compared to other companies that could only boost their sales by 10.7%. VW, the owner of Skoda, had an aggressive marketing campaign that changed the perception of people about Skoda cars. This rebranding method made many people see the despised Skoda car and more like a less pricey VW. At the end the year 2001 Skoda cars were so much in demand that they had a waiting list.

Another company that used rebranding is the Guinness Visitor center. They managed this by rebuilding the facility that combined its rich history together with a contemporary design for the new age. The center that is situated in Dublin, Ireland had become a stale product in that it was selling the same boring story. A change was decided that it needed to recapture both the old faithful clientele and bring in new customers to the experience that is the Guinness brand. The store house was turned into a place where concerts, ceremonies, fashion shows, galleries and awards could be performed. The branding motor for the Guinness Storehouse is tradition is for the outside but tomorrow is on the inside.

A fantastic marketing case study is that of the online marketing services offered by search engines like Google and Bing. This type of marketing is usually considered to be equivalent to races in that however is seen first get to grab the attention of the online public. For companies to be able to appear on the first page of the search engines they usually higher expert firms that specialize in search engine optimization also known as SEO. These firms are able to make the client companies to be efficiently found by the search engines. One of the companies that uses SEO is Facebook.

Websites that tend to be found on page one of most search engines is considered to be efficient products of online marketing. There are an estimated two billion people who use the internet that entrepreneurs can exploit by use of this marketing to advertise their goods and services. These search engines have created a certain convenience for companies to endorse their products to the online community. Companies can use this marketing case study to increase their webpage visits.

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