User Experience

User Experience
Evaluation & Redesign Report
The existing system should be a desktop accessed application or website. Options include everyday, or work-based interaction or situation that you are familiar with (fantasy football league PC back-up in the cloud, workflow applications), systems in the public domain (web sites for e-commerce, search, learning, booking) or systems or games available to students on the KU network (eg web design and development tools, image editors, drawing applications, spreadsheets, project management tools, citation and reference management tools, diagramming applications).

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The redesign should be multi-channel, and multi-touchpoint i.e. achieve a great user experience when accessed from a range of mobile and desktop devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs – throughout the customer journey – for an e-commerce site, this journey might include inspiration, browsing, selection, payment, sharing, returns.

I will also give you the assignment format which will help you,
the website I want to be done is;, talk about this website thank you
The things I want to be done are the following:
1. Introduction and Background
Current Trends/Situation (What real world developments motivate this work? Why is it of general interest, importance, timely, and novel?
Overall Problem/”Question to be answered”
Definition of concerns users, tasks, context of use, software and hardware.
Description of current interaction (as ‘paper prototype’, walk through a task showing flow of interaction by linked screen shots annotated with user actions). What kinds of usability issue do you expect to encounter with this interaction?
2. Aims
3 Analysis
User Journey and Context of Use
Task Analysis (probably Hierarchical Task Analysis, but some problems mean that models of user decision-making, patterns of communication or information structure are more important )
Other analysis necessary for your topic
Discussion of Analysis
4 Study Method (include rationale for decisions made)
Experimental Design (e.g. comparing alternatives, repeated measures)
Materials (inc workstation and browser spec, participant information sheets, questionnaires, etc. etc.)
Expected Results
5. Evaluation Results
Written summary of overall findings
Performance Data (Means etc.) (including Tables)
Usability Issues (including Table)
Redesign Recommendations
6. Evaluation Discussion (including consideration of, for example, unrepresentative samples of users/tasks/contexts, confounding variables and biases, inaccurate or unreliable indicators).
List the errors and difficulties that you are going to fix with the multi-channel version
7. Redesign
Design Aims What redesigned? Scope of redesign. Channels to be designed for
Issue ‘a’
State the issue
Present the Interaction – walk through a task from the user’s point of view
Give reasons for important design choices
Repeat the above for Issues ‘b’ … ‘z’’ …(include rationale for decisions made. This may be in terms of task structure, order of interaction, input/output actions or visual style)
Discussion identify the risks and uncertainties that need to be addressed in a prototype. Wider contribution and benefits
Give reasons for your design decisions. Remember to explain changes to the task structure, the interaction, the input/out actions and style. Also remember to describe consistency across a number of devices and/or modalities;


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